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How can waste be used to create a cultural vernacular across Las Californias?

We set out to answer this question through a series of products and art pieces made entirely from upcycled materials collected & made on both sides of the most crossed border in the world. Each piece is a reflection of the artistic and natural attributes of this unique region. 


Bolsas del Futuro

The goal of Bolsas del Futuro is to explore how the bag can be used as a platform to create a more sustainable fashion industry. Each bag is an art piece that questions what vernacular craftsmanship means in the 21st century. The bags are made on both sides of the border from recycled flour sacks collected from local bakeries, seatbelts sourced from junkyards in Tijuana, and dead stock upholstery fabrics from two brothers that make couches. 


Cactus Lamps

Inspired by Japanese paper lamps, we are developing a range of cactus-shaped lamps that are made entirely from the plastic waste we collect in Tijuana & San Diego. We use upcycled plastic bags for the top and create a durable, one-of-a-kind base made of PP and HDPE plastic waste. The shape pays homage to the beautiful native cacti found across our landscape.

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la cactus lamp.png

Wasted Furniture


Over the years we’ve created a series of furniture for various clients. Ranging from restaurants to residential spaces, all pieces are made entirely from upcycled materials.


Stools made from old bicycles for Our Green Affair.


Seatbelt bench for Vida North Park.

Surfboard bench for Broadstone Makers Quarter.

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