We are a circular research and design house focused on creating vernacular crafts from upcycled waste and biomaterials.

We envision a world where our work supports a healthy planet & is truly regenerative for the people and places that are a part of what we do.

Here's how we make that happen.


Create high-end vernacular art and designs

We are committed to making modern goods that reflect the art & culture of the regional communities we partner with in Las Californias. 


Business isn't as usual when it comes to our supply chains. We source our materials seasonally & locally and employ local artisan partners throughout the design & production process. This means our products may not always be available, but we guarantee the highest quality and care — from concept all the way to your doorstep.  

Build resilient supply chains

Industry of any kind should be treated as an ecosystem. We view our products like living organisms that reflect the biodiversity of our planet. Sourcing local, seasonal materials mean we can develop products with as little carbon footprint as possible. By using upcycled waste, we clean up our communities, helping create a beautiful & healthy future. 

Leave the world better off than when we started

Invest in heartfelt collaboration

Working in a region where the Global North and Global South meet, we are hyper-aware of the often exploitative production practices of globalization. Aside from promoting a healthy work-life balance,  we seek mutually beneficial relationships with all our employees, suppliers, and partner artisans.



Itamar Lilienthal

Founder and R&D

Kelsey Bair

Operations and Communications

Passionate about merging the world of art & science through sustainable design, Ita uses his background in art to create the engaging inventions at the heart of Casa Tamarindo.

A visual storyteller with an affinity for science, Kelsey brings her experience in operations, sustainable agriculture, and marketing to the Casa Tamarindo universe.


Made in

Las Californias

Las Californias spans the State of California in the U.S. and the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. It is home to the most crossed land border in the world, where two mega-cities (San Diego and Tijuana) exist side by side, making it the second-largest trans-border conurbation in the Americas. While they may only be a 15-minute drive apart, these two cities mirror each other in dramatically different ways.

Not only is this region rich in biodiversity due to two climatic pressure systems converging, but it's also a meeting place where two rich cultures overlap. We celebrate this unique space through the work we do and the partnerships we create. Our goal is to create a bridge between the Global North and Global South through art, sustainable design, and heartfelt collaboration.