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Giant Kelp Pavilion

MicrosoftTeams-image (53).png

As part of an upcoming exhibition about Giant Kelp, we are currently working on  a pavilion made entirely of Giant Kelp*. 
The intention of this pavilion is to transport the viewer to the kelp forests just beyond our shores so they can expericnce the importance of protecting them.


The following renders show the latest iterations of what the pavilion will look like. To create the forms, a procedural workflow was developed through 3d modeling software HoudiniFX, where inflation of different geoemtries can be iterated and simulated.

MicrosoftTeams-image (52).png


One of the biggest inspirations for the form, and overall process is the craft of Akari paper lamps popularized by artist Isamu Noguchi. Due to the kelp biomaterials’ unique translucency, and similarity to the mulberry paper used in these lamps, similar forms can be explored.



Structural Integrity

To guarantee the structural safety of the pavilion, a wooden pillar will be used ti attach the kelp biomaterial to and inserted into a stone base that will keep the strcture anchored.
This is similar to how certain Akari lamps are made.


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