How can sustainable design be used to lower the carbon footprint of the music and film industries?

We love music. Since Casa Tamarindo began, collaborating with the music industry has been part of our ethos. From firsthand experience designing shows, album covers, and festivals we know the music industry still has a lot it can do to lower its carbon footprint. Over the years we’ve collaborated with incredible musicians that also share our vision for a music industry that sings in harmony with our home planet.


We collaborated with the talented musical artist, Raveena, on multiple set designs, including a Tiny Desk Concert, her Lucid album tour, and Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival in Los Angeles.   

Stage design for Raveena's 'Lucid' tour. Lights made from upcycled plastic and paper mache mushrooms. 

Stage Design

We created a giant tank for a festival stage headlined by Toro y Moi. Made from discarded agricultural fabric, broken water hoses, metal & paint.

Chicana Stardust

Short Film


Chicana Stardust is a retro-futuristic short film created by Benjamin Huerta & Itamar Lilienthal and produced by Casa Tamarindo. It explores the role Mexican-Americans or Chicanxs play in the larger conversation regarding Mexican culture and the immigrant’s identity struggle.


The sets and costumes were made from upcycled materials. We continually strived to lower our carbon footprint in all stages of the production.

Circular research and design house based in Las Californias.

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