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Another Brick in the Bioclimatic Wall



For the project titled, “Another Brick in the Bioclimatic Wall”, the concept of utilizing geometry to trigger condensation was once again explored. Unlike
the project, “Bioclimatic Moisture Control” where focus was limited to simulating airflow to increase airflow and surface interaction, this project looked at how the surfaces of the geometry itself could be maintained at a
temperature that was below the dew point and hence trigger condensation. Once an optimal geometry was developed utilizing the environmental analysis
workflows, it was then imported into Houdini to be further iterated.




Airflow simulations where conducted to see relationship between amount of openings on top of brick and airflow to surface interaction. In addition
workflow was developed to make simulations in Autodesk CFD m
ore aesthetically pleasing. Currently, Autodesk CFD is very limited in terms of visual output. For that reason, results where exported as an .fbx file and imported in Houdini where the color gradients could be further controleld and modified.


3IG - Copy.jpg


Simulations for heatflow where conducted using Autodesk CFD as well as a FLIR thermal camera for real time comparison. 


2IG - Copy.jpg
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