Bombo Activated Seating

Bombo Activated Seating


The BOMBO is like a cross between a pillow and a bean bag. With an inflatable center, upcycled agricultural waste (buckwheat hulls), and heavy duty upholstery fabrics, this super portable seating is ideal for almost any situation. 


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    Covers: Depending on the season and our mood, the covers we have available will constantly keep on changing. The only thing that won’t change is our commitment to making sure they are ethically sourced in the most sustainable fashion and that they look as sexy when you sit on them as when we first made them. Our covers are always the dopest quality and can be easily washed in case you have too much fun on them.

    Lining: 12 oz Duck Canvas

    Filling:  100% organic buckwheat hulls, grown in USA, air washed and cleaned, 97+% whole hulls to insure no dust and can be Phytosanitary Certified.

    Bladder: We have teamed up with a company headquartered in the greater Los Angeles region to create an air bladder made from Polyurethane coated canvas. We can confidently say that our bladder is much higher quality, way better than PVC, and practically impossible to pop. We are very conscious that we are still using plastics and that there is still much room for sustainable improvement. We are actively working on making 100% of our production process go from“no unnecessary harm” to “no harm at all”.


    We are happy to refund you or exchange any damaged products. Please email us.