We develop artisanal solutions that respond to

the changing needs of 21st century Earth. 

We focus on how economic, cultural, and environmental developments can be interconnected and implemented.

We work in a variety of mediums ranging from furniture

& stage design to visual arts & movies.

To learn more, explore our work below: 

For collaborations contact hola@tamarindo.house

Bolsas del Futuro
fashion - ongoing
The Travelers Club
stage design - 2019
Raveena LUCID tour
stage design - 2019
Broadstone Makers Quarter
interior design - 2019
Chicana Stardust
film - 2019
Raveena LUCID album
set design - 2019
Painting + Sculpture
art - ongoing
Zapata Road
branding - 2019
Raveena x Camp Flog Gnaw
stage design - 2018
Broadstone North Park
furniture - 2018
Borderless Waters
event - 2018
art - 2018
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