Casa Tamarindo is a binational design house based in San Diego & Tijuana.

We create products that explore how design can be used to inspire a more planet-friendly lifestyle.


Casa Tamarindo is led by the artist Ita.

Born in Mexico City, Mexico,

he emigrated to San Diego, California

before the millennium.

As a child, Ita believed art could save the world. That led him to study art in New York City.

There he realized art alone couldn't fix everything, but it had a role to play. 

After school he lived in the Bay Area for several years working in different jobs ranging from inflatable robots to mushroom leather. 

In early 2017 Ita decided to

move back to his homehood of

San Diego/Tijuana to start

Casa Tamarindo.

Our philosophy is simple:
The answer is not producing less, its producing the right way.
As the book Cradle2Cradle once (kinda) said:

“nobody ever bitches to a cherry tree for producing too many cherries.”




At Casa Tamarindo we believe that taking care of our planet is of utmost importance. We feel that in order for us to solve the environmental problems of our time, we’re going to require a cultural shift as much as a technological one. Aside from always striving to use the most sustainable materials and doing no unnecessary harm, our passion lies in finding ways to create products that inspire the people to effortlessly adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. We are not here to guilt trip anyone to live more “environmentally”. We want to simply create products that are so useful, practical, and sexy that they influence the culture at large and make sustainability the new cool.



Our dream is to one day be able to produce 100% of our products using 0% fossil fuels.


That means we won’t be using:

  1. Any materials derived from fossil fuels.

  2. Any organic materials that were grown with the use of fossil fuel derived chemicals and fertilizers.

  3. Any transportation methods that depend on fossil fuels.

We understand this is a very gnarly goal. That’s why it’s exciting. If “business as usual” created our current environmental conundrum, then it’s up to us to break from the status quo of the past and try new things that sound crazy. Isn’t insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

We are a very small design house and know we can’t do this alone. We hope to collaborate with like-minded organizations and work together to reach the above mentioned goals. If you are interested in helping us create this Fossil-Free Economy, we would love to hear from you.